The Inertia Analogy

NairoBits Story Inertia Analogy

Over a decade has gone by since I was in a classroom being taught about the two forms of education that exist within the African society: African Traditional Education (ATE) and the contemporary western education brought forth by the missionaries. It goes without saying that many scores of people feel that the latter was wiping out the former. Much later, in a different classroom, I learned about the concept of inertia which in layman terms is the tendency to resist change. The concept, I believe, provides an analogy that can explain the nature of any person when it comes to shifting to new things. While many raised questions on the superiority of modern education over traditional education, I believe such notions are influenced by the fear of change. In this regard, the following article discusses the tendency of people to resist change.

With no doubt, there is an existing threat to ATE, but in the same regard, there is always a threat to any existing way of doing things including the contemporary western education. Who ever knew that so many people could learn off a web conferencing application at a go? In the current age, the world is being shaped by technological advancements which are almost replacing human intelligence. Technology through artificial intelligence is currently taking over the roles previously offered by teachers. Despite such changes, it is vital to note that education is an integral aspect of society and thus will never go away – Unless one day babies are born and the entire earth’s knowledge is downloaded to their brain.

Majority of youth (About 40%) in Kenya remain unemployed despite numerous educational qualifications. I believe that the issue is brought about by lack of personalized education system as well as the wrong choice of vocations. A wise man once said that the world is always looking for the best. With this in mind, every youth can create opportunities for themselves with the right education. For instance, a boy with artistic talents and knowledge can end up being the next Van Gogh or Picasso if their skills are nurtured through personalized and focused education systems. Luckily, education is shifting towards the personalized tactic where students have the freedom to select what they want to learn based on their strengths and needs. Therefore, through technological solutions, the results of education can be achieved through multifaceted approaches for different learners.

Society is constantly changing and what we know now as the reality might cease to exist in a few years. However, the advancement to a better future is hindered by the slow process of adapting to the changes going on in the world. To gain the positive results of education, we need to fight the inertia dynamics that prevent us from embracing the changes that come along from various technological & philosophical advancements.

By: Jean Paul Mackio