Developer with a conviction; Meet Halima

Halima NairoBits Story Developer with conviction

Has life ever thrown you in a situation you never expected? Have you ever imagined life without one hand? Imagine no more because we are here to tell you the story. Meet Halima Jamila Shaban – 28 years old. Halima is a versatile and passionate young woman engaging in business part time and studying website development at NairoBits Trust. She has a strong passion for women, girls and people living with disabilities worldwide and as such, their empowerment. Wonder why these passions? – Because she checks all these boxes.

In November 2015, Halima’s right hand was amputated bringing with it many challenges. Her remaining arm had a fracture, further complicating the issue. As a trained ECDE teacher (Early Childhood Development and Education) teacher, this proved to be even more challenging. Teaching young kids can be a hustle even in normal circumstances but it was much worse for Halima mostly because of their reactions to her situation. Many times, she recalls some pre-schoolers imitating her by wearing their sweaters on one hand and leaving the other side hanging and making fun while at it pointing to the fact that she was different. About 2 and half years later in June 2018, she resigned to go back to school to learn something she would face less stigma but also enjoy while at it. This is how she came to NairoBits.

Ms. Jamila joined NairoBits through a disability organization operating in Nairobi; Gifted Community Center. She tells us that she was moved to join the course because of her passion for ICT raised by the fact that we live in a digital world where everything is computerized. She was also inspired by a friend living with multiple disabilities who had been through the institution but what pushed her over the edge was her desire to develop a website for her business. She says that her experience in NairoBits has been relatively smoother where she has never faced discrimination and has felt free to voice her opinions and ideas. As a developer, she is taking up the challenge of coding with one hand with the conviction that it shall pay off. But above all, she enjoys it!

As a mover & shaker, she continuously challenges NairoBits on disability inclusion of various types and we love her for pushing us to be our best selves.

By: Sam Nyamwange