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Nairobits - partners at annual Partners meeting

Our partners

Community Based Organization

Nairobits model of working involves working with community based organizations (CBOs) with their roots in the non-formal settlements that provide the youth trained at Nairobits and engage them in community service thereafter. Currently, Nairobits is in partnership with 34 CBO'S ( Community Base Organization) scattered across all the non formal settlements in Nairobi.

Our Donors and sponsors

  • Kindernothilfe focuses on financing projects which promote the sustainable development of children and young people, awaken their potential and improve their chances in life. This presupposes great dependability and obligations which usually lead to long term commitments. Each local situation determines which form of assistance is appropriate.
  • IICD is a non-profit foundation that specializes in information and communication technology (ICT) as a tool for development. IICD is active in Africa and Latin America where we bring about technical and social innovations that create and enhance development opportunities in education, economic development and health. For maximum impact we work closely with partners from the public, private and non-profit sectors. Our aim is to help our local partners – teachers, farmers, health workers, local government officials and civil servants - to formulate and implement their own ICT-supported development policies and programmes. Website:
  • Terre des Hommes Netherlands protects children in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Terre des Hommes Netherlands supports projects in the field of Education, Health, Socio-Economic Development and Stop Child Exploitation, focusing on the most vulnerable children in the region, to make underprivileged children privileged again. Visit
  • Edukans is a development organization with a unique focus on basic education. Every child is entitled to have access to good quality basic education. Yet, world-wide, 72 million children do not attend school. For Edukans this is an unacceptable situation. Action has to be taken. Every child should have the opportunity to get relevant education. Edukans facilitates this in close cooperation with local partner organizations in developing countries. Edukans also involves students in the Netherlands in the field of quality improvement of basic education and awareness raising on the issue. Visit website:


NairoBits has partnered with 32 reputable web design companies in Kenya for insight in training curriculum development, offering internship/employment placement of graduates after ICT multimedia training.
Some of the partner companies include;

  • Techno Brain
  • Dream fish
  • Dot savvy
  • Kenya web
  • Somasource
  • Intrepid Kenya
  • Horizon
  • 3mice
  • Metrocomia
  • Soko Letu
  • Mamabits
  • Among others...