What Is Nairobits?

NairoBits Trust positively changes the lives of vulnerable youth by improving their ability to contribute to their socio-economic well-being through ICT. The Trust empowers marginalized youth between ages of 15 to 24 living in the Urban Informal Settlements. » READ MORE

How We Work?

Lack of opportunity for further education and skills deficit among the youth in Kenya is one of the contributing factors to youth unemployment, poverty among the youth, general household poverty, and one of the greatest challenges facing Kenya today. » READ MORE

Training Centers

Nairobits model of working involves working with community based organizations (CBOs) with their roots in the non-formal settlements that provide the youth trained at Nairobits and engage them in community service thereafter. » READ MORE



  Looking back, I would never have thought that I would be the person I am today let alone have the title of a Software Development Specialist…Quite a title I must say.Read More...
By : Nairobits Trust | Mar 8, 2017

General Meeting; Digital Garage and Media Lab Parents Meeting 2017.

NairoBitsTrust was pleased to host parents and guardians of Digital Garage (IECE and FHOK) and Media Lab class (Koch Hope, CFK and Go Down). Parents and guardian play a vital role asRead More...
By : Nairobits Trust | Feb 20, 2017

Our new Training Model

Since inception, our greatest philosophy has been in learning by doing and listening to what the market needs versus what our students ought to be trained. On 24th January 2017, we startedRead More...
By : Nairobits Trust | Jan 26, 2017

World AIDS day

Today, we commemorate World AIDS Day—we stand in solidarity with the 78 million people who have become infected with HIV and remember the 35 million who have died from AIDS-related illnesses sinceRead More...
By : Nairobits Trust | Dec 1, 2016

Nairobits Alumi

Nairobits Trust was extremely beneficial to me, I actually learned a lot. To me it was like a dream come true; I am greatful for the opportunity that I got, Kudoz(Respect) to the big team that is working hard to help the youths in society.
Venicah KemuntoDesigner