What Is Nairobits?

NairoBits Trust positively changes the lives of vulnerable youth by improving their ability to contribute to their socio-economic well-being through ICT. The Trust empowers marginalized youth between ages of 15 to 24 living in the Urban Informal Settlements. » READ MORE

How We Work?

Lack of opportunity for further education and skills deficit among the youth in Kenya is one of the contributing factors to youth unemployment, poverty among the youth, general household poverty, and one of the greatest challenges facing Kenya today. » READ MORE

Training Centers

Nairobits model of working involves working with community based organizations (CBOs) with their roots in the non-formal settlements that provide the youth trained at Nairobits and engage them in community service thereafter. » READ MORE

Get Involved

With your support, NairoBits will continue to do its job of putting digital tools in the hands of youth who would otherwise never had a chance to improve their lives. Here are some few ways you can Get Involved in NairoBits Program » Get Involved

Our Theory Of Change

Inequality is a dichotomous concept that affirms adequacy and qualifies inadequacy. It is often employed in describing relationships that define .. Read More

Our Blog

Nairobits Alumni

It was an awesome experience, I developed a career path which I had no idea. I learned new skills through various training modules such as IT Skills, Entrepreneurial trainings and many more. God Bless Nairobits.
Brian MomanyiDeveloper/Designer