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Nairobits team - the team spirit

Our team

Nairobits staff

At NairoBits we have a dedicated, passionate team which works around the clock in seeing Nairobits achieve its vision ( NairoBits’ vision is that of: “Kenyan Youth making positive contribution towards a prosperous and balanced society.” ). The team has gotten valuable experiences from diverse sectors for example project management, youth development, ICT and creativity etc. The team always makes sure that they keep abreast emerging technologies and skills that trickles back to the students. This is with the aim of making sure the graduates are able to adapt and cope with their economic and social challenges.

The best thing about our team is that it is composed of experienced Nairobits alumni and professionals who have attained credentials from reputable universities and colleges.

Community Based Trainers

In the spirit of giving the youth a chance, former students form the core team of trainers. At the community based training centres, we have former students who help us train their peers in the basic level of our course that takes 10 weeks. These trainers undergo an internal Training of Trainers course and are supported until they are able to handle the course content and class dynamics on their own. They demonstrate passion for their fellow youth and give back through guest lectures and guidance.

Family Health Options Kenya hosts our course 2&3 Training while the Reuben Centre hosts all 3 levels. The rest of the centres host the first level of training that includes ICT, Entrepreneurship and life skills. Nairobits is very fortunate to have this highly committed and dedicated team of young professionals.

Board members

Nairobits is registered as a trust under the laws of Kenya government. The organization is run by a board of trustees consists of Don Odera, Jimmy Ogonga, Jackie Ochieng and Paul Ravinder.


Nairobits was founded by the Butterfly works of Netherlands in 1999. The founders are three Dutch ladies namely Ineke Aquarius, Hester Ezra and Emer Beamer. The founders are still a source of inspiration - besides offering technical support to our programs.

Nairobits alumni

Nairobits has over 6,000 alumni. These youth represent the fruits of NairoBits’ labour. They have attained different levels of training in NairoBits and have gone on to occupy different sectors of the economy. Some have gone on to work for some of the largest multimedia design companies in Kenya, some have opted to go into private enterprise while others have gone into the NGO world including presence in the United Nations.

The alumni is a critical part of our continued interventions as they inform us on how best to improve based on their experiences in the market and in society. The feedback on how well they adapt or the challenges they face inform the continuous improvement of our curricula and intervention. They are also a great source of knowledge and mentorship as they give back through helping us train and guide their peers.

Most of all, they are a source of motivation, pride and joy as they use their skills to improve their lives, their families and their communities at large.