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Nairobits - class in session

Training programs at Nairobits

Nairobits has been training in ICT multimedia for 10 years and we have a good success rate in placing the youth that we train in jobs. We have our youth working in almost all the web design companies in Nairobi and elsewhere. Some of the examples include 3mice, Mamamikes, Kenya web, Wanainchi online among others.

Nairobits trains in the following programs;

ICT Multimedia

This is a very innovative ICT course which is implemented in three levels namely getting connected, digital garage and media lab. The courses are progressive starting from introduction to computers up to specialization in ICT Web design and development. Media lab is the highest and the final level of training after which the graduates are linked to internship and employment opportunities in ICT related companies. we are currently improving our curriculum building a content management system to manage emergence of new trends and ease of access.

Micro-Entrepreneurship program

The multimedia course more often than not pushes youth to getting formal jobs. But in an effort to motivate youth to become entrepreneurs and take advantage of the opportunities that exist currently in the market; Nairobits also trains youth in entrepreneurship. This program enlightens the youths on business skills required to identify opportunities, start, run and grow businesses. By the end of the training, the youths acquire useful skills to run their own businesses.

Life skills curriculum

Nairobits works with you from the vulnerable communities that have no chances of ever learning the soft skills that are required to access and retain jobs in both the formal and non formal sectors. Further still, the normal education system in Kenya doesn’t teach soft skills that are necessary for both social and professional life.

Reproductive health and HIV/AIDS program

Youth from vulnerable groups face serious reproductive heath challenges. In the current environment, there is no structured way of exposing youth to reproductive health information and skills. To mitigate this, and in Partnership with World Population Foundation (WPF), Nairobits trains youths in an interactive youth friendly digital reproductive program dabbed the World Starts With Me (WSWM)