NairoBits participated in the sustainability workshop for the Bits Schools Managers which was held on 17th -22nd  October 2016 at the GoDown Arts Centre in Nairobi Kenya. The aim of the workshop was to work on a sustainability strategy that would help improve Bits schools sustainable strategy enabling them to continue and diversify their income streams. In attendance were managers from;

  • NairoBits • AruaBits • KampaBits • IndusBits • EkoBits • HargaBits • CairoBits and Butterfly Works.

The workshop focused in capacity building, sharing and learning from each other and  further developing knowledge and skills in marketing, business, finance and innovation. Inspiration was also drawn from other educational institutes and business models such as Bridge International Academy; an educational centre focused on offering quality education at nursery and primary school levels in Kenya.

The most exciting part of the workshop was getting to learn about the Business Model Canvas and to use it to develop their business model. The three day session was facilitated by Nasreen Dhanji from Blue-sky Innovations and culminated with the development of a business plan using the BCM. While working on the plans, the teams focused on the specific needs of their Bits Schools. It is envisioned that after the workshop, (remote) support from coaches and/or mentors will be available to offer further support in improving the sustainability plans of each school.

Josephine Mwangi from  Nailab facilitated the final session where the managers did a short pitch on their sustainable business model. The interactive session provided a platform for exchanging ideas while the trainers got an opportunity to see what the managers had been up to all week.

The workshop is a platform for NairoBits to exchange ideas with other Bits schools and see how we can tap into other opportunities and strengths. It’s also an opportunity for self evaluation on what has worked and what is not working amongst the Bits schools. The workshop is an opportunity to the Bits fraternity to overcome the limits of growth and social impact together. The managers acquired knowledge to guarantee the future sustainability of the schools and now have forged ways of working together.



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