We had the privilege of hosting all the Bits family for Training of Trainers Workshop (ToT) at the Nairobits Offices at the GoDown Art centre from 24th to 27th October 2016. This  initiative was organized by NairoBits in conjunction with Butterfly Works from the Netherlands.

In attendance were trainers from ;

AruaBits- Northern Uganda,  KampaBits- Kampala Uganda, IndusBits Pakistan, EkoBits – Nigeria HargaBits – Somaliland and Butterfly Works as the facilitators.

Week one was all about Learning and applying skills in UC design for  mobile or programming for Android, Understanding the user and his/her needs to develop the best possible product, learn and apply Scrum principle for development teams, working in small teams to rapidly create working prototypes, learn about go-to market strategy, presenting and pitching products.

Week two focused more on learning and applying professional training methodology to the current student needs and demands as per the locality, get an update on the new Bits Curriculum platform and software, adapting it while at the same time keeping up with the market trends, needs and opportunities. Understanding the Bits Academy software and structure and use it to its full potential, standardize and professionalize student assessments: sharing methods, formats and experiences, set up and maintain ways of knowledge sharing between trainers and students.

Looking back at the whole experience, NairoBits team and the other Bits schools gained a lot of worthwhile knowledge for implementation of the new Bits academy curriculum. The trainers also had lots of time to practice new training methodologies while also learned how to effectively use G-suite as a platform to capture most of the data.

We always strive to infuse new technique in designing our curriculum in line with the market trends while remaining open to new innovative ways to disseminate the skills to the young people. As the Bits family, we are united in sharing unique learning experiences from different regions that inspires our technological prowess as the institution of choice for young people to advance their creative and technical skills.











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