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Nairobits from a humble beginning

About mamabits

Mamabits in Nairob - KenyaMamabits is a consultancy for Youth Communication founded by Nairobits and Butterfly Works. Building on the experiences of (duplicating) Nairobits and the development of educational tools by Butterfly Works. We firmly believe that MamaBits has the potential to positively transform the lives of many more youth in marginalizing circumstances all over the developing world by supporting other organizations in their youth activities. With the youth constituting the majority of the world’s population, we feel the need to disseminate our proven concepts beyond the boundaries of Nairobits.

Mamabits consists of an experienced and well-trained core-team of trainers, designers and curriculum developers. Additional knowledge and capacity is provided by a flex pool of freelancers (teachers and graduates of Nairobits and other Butterfly partners).