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Nairobits from a humble beginning

Background of our students (Target audience)

Nairobits works with youth between the ages of 15 to 24 living in urban non-formal settlements. Our mission is to ensure that the youth are equipped with ICT skills so that they can be able to contribute positively towards development of a society that acknowledges and provides them with opportunities for socio-economic prosperity.

The core problem that youth face according to our survey is lack of education, information on their health, marketable skills and access to the labor market among the other issues. Despite the introduction of free primary and secondary education a few youth are still not able to join these institutions. This is because there are few institutions to match the rising number of youth. The economy has not been able to absorb the increasing labor which is approximately 500,000 annually. Only 25% are lucky to be absorbed in the job market and the remaining 75% are left to bear the burden of unemployment. Idleness after informal education and unemployment the youth become restless and try anything

  • Why Youth?

    Their energy, creativity and innovativeness play an important role in defining the pace of national development and security of a nation.


    NairoBits builds a bridge that fills socio-economic gap caused by poverty. We give these youth a stepping ground to start achieving their dream. So far more than 7,000 youth have had the chance to improve their lives and that of the society. Nairobits gives the youth an opportunity to socialize and spend their time proactively at the same time developing their character and talent.