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Nairobits from a humble beginning

Background of our students (Target audience)

We target youth from non-formal settlements of Nairobi. They often come from low-income families who struggle to educate them beyond secondary school. The reality in Kenya is that secondary school education is knowledge based and therefore the youth don’t have any employable skills. Since many youth from non-formal settlements cannot afford tertiary education, they end up frustrated and poor, leading to desperation, which often leads to substance abuse, crime and other vices.

Nairobits targets the youth who cannot afford tertiary education but show potential and motivation by engaging themselves in community work through community based organizations. We therefore reach them through these CBOs. We work with youth in the major informal settlement where we also have a training centre they can access. These include Mukuru, Mathare, Kibera, Kayole, Karibangi and Eastleigh

The students are often involved in sports, community environmental programs, the arts etc. They do these activities as a means of staying away from trouble and making a small living out of the same. Nairobits offers a platform for those who show interest to develop skills and a potential career in the technology industry.  Most take to technology like fish in water and end up as happy professionals who help lift themselves and their families out of poverty while also giving back to their communities.You can find our graduates in most major multimedia design companies and they become role models for other youth.