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Nairobits from a humble beginning

Success of Nairobits as a concept

Nairobits concept has been accepted internationally as an innovative concept, and as a result, many interventions have been modeled on this concept some of the examples includes the following:


Mamabits website

Mamabits in Nairob - KenyaMamabits is a consultancy for Youth Communication founded by Nairobits and Butterfly Works. Building on the experiences of (duplicating) Nairobits and the development of educational tools by Butterfly Works. We firmly believe that MamaBits has the potential to positively transform the lives of many more youth in marginalizing circumstances all over the developing world by supporting other organizations in their youth activities. With the youth constituting the majority of the world’s population, we feel the need to disseminate our proven concepts beyond the boundaries of Nairobits.

Mamabits consists of an experienced and well-trained core-team of trainers, designers and curriculum developers. Additional knowledge and capacity is provided by a flex pool of freelancers (teachers and graduates of Nairobits).


Addisbits website

Addisbits Logo - Ethiopia

Addisbits in Ethiopia, began in May 2008 and works with DOT Ethiopia's community based organizations (CBO's) in the informal settlement areas to select the participants for the e-learning program. This organization is as successful in Ethiopia as Nairobits is in Kenya with most of the trainees getting job in the Ethiopian ICT sector.


Zanzibits website

Zanzibits in Zanzibar Zanzibits Center for Film & Multimedia in Zanzibar, aims to bridge the digital gap between the Tanzanian community and the rest of the world. Zanzibits created a platform for Zanzibar youths with potential and motivation to learn a multimedia specialty to both facilitate their career development as well as their interaction with youths across the world via means of multimedia and film making.

This concept is also just as successful as Nairobits please see Other upcoming initiatives Owing to the success of the above initiatives, Nairobits has been contracted by Terre des Hommes Netherlands to set up setting up another organization that is anticipated to be modeled around the concept of Nairobits. It is dubbed Kampabits which is in full operation with main trainer from Uganda and Kenya. Nairobits has also been setup in another center in Musoma, Tanzania which being run by a trainer from Kenya and Tanzania.


Kampabits website

Kampabits - in Kampala - UgandaKampaBits is a Non-Profit organization that seeks to empower disadvantaged youth from the informal settlements of Kampala through ICT multimedia. KampaBits programme aims at empowering disadvantaged youth while bridging the digital divide and forging links between Northern and Southern youth. KampaBits provides youth from informal settlements with basic skills in computer applications and web design. KampaBits is a brainchild of MamaBits an affiliate of NairoBits Trust. MamaBits is working in partnership with Terre des Hommes Netherlands in setting up KampaBits.

The overall goal of KampaBits is to contribute to an improved quality of life for vulnerable youth. The immediate goal of KampaBits is to enable target youth to lead productive lives and make meaningful contributions in society. KampaBits targets youth from Kampala’s slums, aged 17 to 25 who have managed to complete O’Level education.

MusomaBits Information centre

Musoma is a city located in northern Tanzania. It is the capital of Mara Region. The small, dusty city of Musoma, the capital of this predominantly rural region, sits along the south-eastern shore of Lake Victoria. However, behind its rugged beauty is a harsh truth as some street youths and some of them turn into abusing drugs or crimes. Among the vulnerable youth they do not attend school.

The larger population of Musoma lives in the rural areas. With the help of Terre des Hommes Netherlands , NairoBits started a computer center in Musoma in 2011.

Mukuru information center

NairoBits opened the first computer centre was in Mukuru in 2010 and with this bold stoke the hopes and dreams of many young people have begun to revive and they are well on their way to realizing their dreams and aspiration.

Mukuru is an informal settlement in industrial area of Kenya’s capital, Nairobi. With Mukuru being an environment where people live in extreme poverty, it goes without saying that the youth there face enormous challenges in surviving. Often, youth have had to abandon any dreams they have or had due to the extreme conditions reality presents. With the help of Terre des Hommes Netherlands