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Nairobits from a humble beginning

Nairobits alumni

Nairobits has over 6,000 alumni. These youth represent the fruits of NairoBits’ labour. They have attained different levels of training in NairoBits and have gone on to occupy different sectors of the economy. Some have gone on to work for some of the largest multimedia design companies in Kenya, some have opted to go into private enterprise while others have gone into the NGO world including presence in the United Nations.

The alumni is a critical part of our continued interventions as they inform us on how best to improve based on their experiences in the market and in society. The feedback on how well they adapt or the challenges they face inform the continuous improvement of our curricula and intervention.

They are also a great source of knowledge and mentorship as they give back through helping us train and guide their peers.Most of all, they are a source of motivation, pride and joy as they use their skills to improve their lives, their families and their communities at large.