What Is Nairobits?

logoNairoBits Trust positively changes the lives of vulnerable youth by improving their ability to contribute to their socio-economic well-being through ICT.

NairoBits was created to empower youth from disadvantaged backgrounds, using Information Communication Technology (ICT). The primary target group for NairoBits are the out of high school disadvantaged youth from the urban settlements of Nairobi, and are aged between 17 and 24 years of age. The youth are largely disadvantaged in terms of basic human needs including access to education and skills development in various areas. The Trust envisages a situation where the trained youth access employable ICT skills that would improve their ability to enter the labour market, through formal or self-employment.


NairoBits exists to promote creative and innovative use of ICT that positively transforms and empowers disadvantaged youth for enhanced quality of life.


Empowered youth who positively impact society.

Core Values

NairoBits upholds the following values:

  • Solidarity with disadvantaged youth
  • Passion for creativity and innovation
  • Diversity and Inclusiveness
  • Integrity
  • Working in Partnerships
  • Equity and equality

Our Team

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