What Is Nairobits?

logoNairoBits Trust positively changes the lives of vulnerable youth by improving their ability to contribute to their socio-economic well-being through ICT.

The Trust empowers marginalized youth between ages of 15 to 24 living in the Urban Informal Settlements.
The Trust envisages a situation where 70% of the urban informal settlement youth can be able to access Information Communication Technology (ICT) skills that would improve their chances of getting employment as well as increase their ability to enter the business market.
The Trust develops the youth’s character by inculcating critical elements of personal confidence, self-esteem, and general life skills.


NairoBits exists to positively change the lives of vulnerable youth by improving their ability to contribute to their socio-economic well-being through creativity and innovation using ICT.


Our vision is to be a Centre of excellence for youth empowerment in creativity and innovation through ICT

Core Values

NairoBits upholds the following values:

  • Mutual respect without discrimination on account of race, ethnic background, gender or religious persuasion;
  • Cross-cultural appreciation/interaction,
  • Creativity and quality electronic equality (e-quality).
  • Gender focused institution

Contact Us

Our Team

Jane Ruguru Wanjiku

I am a Trainer. I have always been passionate about computers and thanks to Nairobits for making that dream a reality. My effort at striving to be the best in my field, in my opinion, is really starting to pay out dividends. With vast skills in Web design and development, I am confident to bring out the best from my students. I like chatting, teaching, training learning and exploring new technology

John Isika

John Isika

Finance Manager

I am in charge of ensuring NairoBits operates efficiently and conforms to all government regulations. I ensure NairoBits funds are managed well. I believe by transforming one person’s life, a chain of other peoples life will be transformed.I love traveling and at my free time I explore my Country.

Kennedy Kioli

I am a trainer at Media lab level. My inspiration comes from the simple things in life like the feeling one one gets when they start on an Adventure, small people doing all they can to make the world a better place, a baby’s smile. Etc. That’s what I look forward to. I am a huge fan of cartoons and movie.

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