Cynthia is a lively 26 year old lady with a passion for change. This Nairobits Alumni understands the importance of speaking up for what you believe in, a decision that saw her enter the political world. Cynthia has always been a focused individual, a trait that has proven invaluable to her political ambitions.

After finishing high school and passing with good grades, her future was bright. However, due to financial constraints, she wasn’t able to pursue university education. Her big break came in the form of a friend, who told her about the NairoBits program. Armed with an intelligent mind and high hopes, she came for the interview and was accepted into the training. She loved the practical sessions and the freedom given to her by her trainers, which allowed her to acquire a sense of responsibility and a hard working ethic.

After she completed her time at Nairobits, she applied for an internship which quickly materialized into a permanent position. After three years in employment, she ventured into entrepreneurship by establishing her own company, which grew into a successful venture.

The decision to run for Member of Parliament was fueled by her need to do more for the community.  ‘I soon realized that the decisions and the bills passed in parliament directly affected my everyday life ‘she states. When she saw how poorly the leaders were at implementing policies, she decided to take matters into her own hands by vying for MP. ‘I wanted to be in a position to access to the bills passed and make a difference there’ she answers, on the question concerning why that particular position.

Even though lack of funds has been a challenge, she’s grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in the community through her main agendas which are integration of the community and simple procurement processes. She strongly believes that the time for youth to be represented and make their voice heard has come.

She encourages everyone with a passion to pursue it and blaze the trail for future generations. She leaves us with a parting shot of anything is possible if you’re driven.

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