NairoBitsTrust was pleased to host parents and guardians of Digital Garage (IECE and FHOK) and Media Lab class (Koch Hope, CFK and Go Down). Parents and guardian play a vital role as stakeholders in our network of reaching the youth and making sure their future progress is in check during and after training.

The main agendas of the meeting were; general students’  progress after joining the new level of training, NairoBits new model of training  geared towards self-sustainability, the girls centre training model and funding phase, general question and answers and breakout session per centre.

NairoBits trainers  encouraged parents and guardians to be champions in helping their children source for opportunities as much as NairoBits  will always link the best students. The only way of doing so is by understanding NairoBits  program better.There will be a follow up meeting at the respective centers’ later in month.

Note: There is also a need for NairoBits to train parents on basic ICT skills that will enable them tap into new business opportunities for themselves.

parents7.jpg-18Kennedy Kioli;trainer at media lab explaining to the parents his roles as a trainer at NairoBits Trust  in Swahili.parents-5Martin Gathu; trainer at the media lab explaining  media lab fundamentals during the breakout session.parents-6-18

Stella Pamba;Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights Project officer explaining to parents on SRHR.parents6.jpg-9-18Parents following the proceeding of the meeting.bitsWilson Masaka;training coordinator answering parents questions.parents2-18Eli; trainer at IECE registering parents on arrival.parents3-18Emily Anyango;trainer at FHOK having a chat with parents on students welfare.parents4-18Dalton;a parent  from Carolina For Kibera  addressing his fellow  parents why it is important to be involved in their children welfare.

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