Since inception, our greatest philosophy has been in learning by doing and listening to what the market needs versus what our students ought to be trained. On 24th January 2017, we started a new journey  welcoming the new students joining course one first cohort class of January to March 2017 while graduating the subsequent classes to the next level.

Below is the course outline and training centres for 2017

Course One – Getting Connected Training Centers (Full day classes).

Course objective: An introduction to the computer, internet and design. Getting connected is the first level of the training where students are introduced to the basics of graphic design, internet tools, life-skills and entrepreneurship for a period of ten weeks. Below are the getting connected training centres;

Mukuru Kwa Reuben based in Mukuru trains fifteen students,Youth Initiative Kenya (YIKE) based in Kariobangi trains twenty students and Kibera Girls Soccer Academy based in Kibera trains fifteen students.A total of 50 students’ trained at course one per cohort.

Course Two – Digital Garage (Full day classes)

Course objective: An exploration into the world of digital design and development. Digital Garage is our intermediate class that trains youth in soft-skills, entrepreneurship, web development and graphic design. Below are the Digital Garage training centres;

IECE based in Kariobangi trains twenty students,FHOK based in Eastleigh trains thirty students.A total of 50 students trained at course two levels per cohort.

Course Three – Media Lab

Course objective: A specialization course in digital design and development. At Media Lab, we train a comprehensive course based on different specialization for example web design, graphic design, front end development, branding just to mention but a few. Below are the Media lab training centres;

Koch Hope (girls centre) trains thirty students (January to April 2017),CFK (girls centre) trains thirty students (January to April 2017) and GoDown Arts centre trains thirty students.

Snippet of our new model for training

Course One – Digital Garage; intensive ten weeks in internet, basic graphic design and internet research.

Course two – Digital Garage; intensive three months of training in web design and development.

Course three – Media lab; Intensive three months training in class and three months for internship or freelance assignment.

In the new model, we will cut the number of drop outs at course one level from a massive 40 students to zero. All Course One students will be promoted to the Digital Garage. Selection will happen at the Digital Garage and only successful students will be promoted to the Media lab. We encourage the youth to make all necessary strides in self learning because the ICT field keeps on changing rapidly and unexpectedly. In case you didn’t make it to join Course One 1st cohort, there will be other three cohorts this year and the call for application will be announced on


We will be introducing a computer lab to train in  MASTERCLASSES  that is open to public at an affordable fee. We will share the update on all our social media platforms.

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